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SupportIT: for sheet pile and soldier pile walls

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CAD software for cantilever or supported sheet pile or soldier pile retaining walls in excavations, and for analysing beams and formwork.

SupportIT is design and analysis software for cantilever or propped sheet pile and soldier pile retaining walls and cofferdams. Stepped excavations using sheet piles may also be modelled.

Multi-layered excavations can be defined, with different soils on each side of the retaining wall. Different earth pressure models (Rankine, Coulomb, etc), sheet or soldier pile penetration models (Free/Fixed Earth, etc) and factor of safety calculations (Net or Gross Pressure, Burland-Potts) provide complete control over wall design. The effect of surface loads, foundations and sloping/irregular ground on soil pressure may be calculated.

SupportIT calculates the optimum positions of supporting frames in a retaining wall, and generates a method statement for installing the wall.

Databases are provided for customers, soils, sheet piles, soldier piles, lagging and frames. These can be edited to include your own data.

SupportIT Lite is a budget version of SupportIT. It can read and display files saved from the full SupportIT software, but allows fewer editing options.

What are the differences between SupportIT and SupportIT Lite?

SPAN  is design and analysis software for beams and formwork under a variety of loading and support conditions. Simple or continuous beams with fixed and/or pinned supports and uniform or varying moment of inertia may be analysed. 

Databases are provided for customers and beams. These can be edited to include your own data.

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Full installation versions of SupportIT, SupportIT Lite and SPAN are available on the Install Files page. The software may be used for a trial period prior to purchase.

A network option is available for SupportIT, SupportIT Lite and SPAN. Further information is available on the Install Files page.

Manuals and tutorials can be downloaded from the Manuals page.

Upgrades and sample customised versions can be downloaded by clicking the appropriate buttons in the navigation panel.

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