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SupportIT: for sheet pile and soldier pile walls

SupportIT Lite: for sheet pile walls

SPAN: for beams, formwork and falswework

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What are the differences between SupportIT and SupportIT Lite?

SupportIT Lite loads files saved from SupportIT and these look identical to the original file.

However, fewer features are available in SupportIT Lite, and these items cannot be edited, even though a SupportIT file containing them has been loaded.

Example: SupportIT Lite has no Plan View, but if a SupportIT file containing a defined Plan View is loaded into SupportIT Lite, then the Plan View is displayed and is identical to the original. The Plan View may not be edited in SupportIT Lite.

The differences between SupportIT and SupportIT Lite include:



SupportIT Lite 

Surcharges (point, line, strip)

Custom slope

Soldier pile walls

Stepped excavations

Finds frame positions

Generates installation method statement

Plan view

Pressure components switched on/off

Manual pressure envelope

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