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SupportIT: for sheet pile and soldier pile walls

SupportIT Lite: for sheet pile walls

SPAN: for beams, formwork and falswework

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Customised versions of SupportIT and SPAN are available for use by your customers or sales persons. These are useful marketing or quotation tools, and produce designs centred around your equipment (sheets, braces, etc) with your name and logo featuring prominently on any printed designs.

SupportIT (Cust) and SPAN (Cust) can be issued free or sold to your customers at minimum cost.

SupportIT (Sales) can be used by sales reps who can produce designs for quotation purposes, but may not have the detailed technical knowledge required for some aspects of the software. Any item which could potentially produce an unsafe design in unskilled hands is disabled.

The customised versions can be assessed in demonstration mode, although not all features will be apparent:

File Name







Installs SupportIT (Cust) and SPAN (Cust) for customer use




Installs SupportIT (Sales) for sales person use




Further information on customer version




Further information on sales person version

To download and install customised versions of SupportIT and SPAN:

  • Click the relevant installation filename in the table above to download it.

  • Double click the downloaded file.

  • Accept the suggested defaults during installation.

The rtf files in the table give further information on cost, distribution method, etc. These files will also be installed with the software.

The customer versions of the software will be installed in a folder called "Your Name", and are started by clicking Start > Programs > "Your Name" > SupportIT ("Your Name"), or Start > Programs > "Your Name" > SPAN ("Your Name"). In practice, your own company name would appear.

The sales person version of SupportIT will be installed in a folder called "GTSoft_S", and is started by clicking Start > Programs > GTSoft > SupportIT (Sales).

The databases, logo and contact details in the demonstration versions are for illustration purposes only, and would be changed in any final version. Additional customisation features can be added on request.

Instructions can be found in the on-line Help files following the software installation. Demonstration files can be loaded from the Designs folder in the install directory ("Your Name" or "GTSoft_S").


Cost depends on the number of copies ordered, but is substantially cheaper than the full version.


An installation file is supplied. This can be copied to your website or CD for distribution.

The specified number of Product Keys will be supplied.

Please contact gtsoftltd@aol.com, with your requirements for further information, or if you experience any problems downloading or installing the above files.

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