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SupportIT is design and analysis software for modelling the shoring of excavations in stratified soil using sheet pile or soldier pile and lagging walls. Calculation methods are based on the British Steel Piling Handbook and the US Steel Sheet Piling Design Manual:

  • User-editable customer, soil, sheet pile, soldier pile, lagging and frame databases.

  • Multi-layered excavations and different soils on the active and passive sides of an excavation.

  • User-selectable and editable pressure models (Rankine, Coulomb, Terzaghi) give complete control over pressure values in calculations.

  • Different pressure components (active side soil, passive side soil, hydrostatic, etc) can be examined graphically or in tabular form for their effect on a design. Different components can be switched on or off.

  • Manual pressure envelope can be used to enter your own pressure values.

  • Calculates the minimum sheet or soldier pile penetration required for cantilever, free earth support and fixed earth support. Also calculates the embedment required for a specified factor of safety, and models "no toe" designs.

  • Factor of safety calculation (Net/Gross Pressure, Burland-Potts).

  • Models sloping or irregular ground, with several pre-defined benches included.

  • Models surface loads and foundations.

  • Models stepped excavations.

  • Calculates optimum support positions.

  • Raked struts and/or soil anchors available.

  • Plan view includes cross bracing and knee braces.

  • Calculates strut or anchor loads, and provides graphical or tabular output of pressure, bending moment, shear force and deflection in side elevation and plan view.

  • Generates construction stages with method statement for installing designs using various methods (dig and push, pre-drive, etc).

  • Reports on design safety. Unique Rules Of Thumb feature ensures safe designs.

  • Rowe's moment reduction option.

  • Point-and-click editing of designs and user-friendly data entry. Excavation depth, soil layers, sheet pile, soldier pile, frame positions, etc are defined by double-clicking the item and changing the relevant parameters.

  • Miscellaneous graphics options include superimposed scales, frames drawn to scale, double sided excavations, hanging chains and concrete.

  • Comprehensive pdf manual and Help file include tutorial and calculation methods. Note: Help file unavailable in Windows 10.

  • Can be customised with your logo and contact details.

  • Metric or imperial units can be selected at any time. Users can work in metric and produce imperial output, or vice-versa.

  • Windows 95 or later.

  • Numerous display layouts available, including side elevation and plan view:

SupportIT: Side elevation

SupportIT: Plan view

Price: $1200.00 per copy

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